High End Production Facility

Design and build safety circuits: Upgrade existing production machines to meet current OSHA standards

Industrial Foundry

300ft. x 100ft storage building light conversion: existing high bay fluorescents were taken down and replaced with 30- new energy efficient LED high bay lights. 

Local Beverage Company

Emergency call: Power was lost on a Saturday due to a water main leak inside the building. All breakers had to be removed and replaced and panel interior replaced and dried out. Power was restored in 8 hours, saving valuable inventory from spoiling.

Local Produce Storage Facility

High voltage gate reset: Gate tripped at 2 AM, leaving the plant without power. Sloth Electric used a bucket truck to close the gate and turn the power back on.

Beverage Producer

Custom De-Palletizer rebuild: De-palletizer was obsolete and non-functioning. Sloth Electric gutted used De-palletizer, installed all new PLC controls, VFD’s and sensors.

Beverage Producer

Clean in place (CIP) system: CIP system was designed from the ground up. Existing equipment was upgraded with new PLC’s and Touch Screens to allow greater control of equipment.  Multiple pieces of equipment were networked together.

Industrial Production Facility

Fiber optic cable installation: Fiber was installed overhead on existing power poles to connect remote locations. Installation was completed using Bucket Truck.