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Throughout our 40 years, our services have expanded based on new technology and the needs of our customers. We would love the opportunity to talk to you about any Commercial, Industrial, or Automation project, large or small.

Finger Lakes Industrial Automation InstallationNew Services:

Sloth Electric will coordinate with the Electric company for new or upgraded Commercial/Industrial services up to 4000 Amp, 3-phase 480 Volt.

Recent job example:

CUSTOMER: Industrial Processing Plant
PROJECT: Installation of New 4000 amp service, transformer, vault & switch gear.


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We size and install large industrial transformers to step down high voltage to 480V or 240V, to supply industrial facilities.


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Industrial Backup Generator Rentals near meBackup Generator:

We size and install large industrial backup generators tied into automatic transfer switches, to automatically turn on and start during a power outage.


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Commercial New Build - Industrial Electrician

New Commercial and Industrial Construction:

We offer complete design/build services for electric in new buildings, including interior wiring, lighting, switches, and receptacles, hook up of HVAC equipment, new service, and power distribution.

Recent job examples:

CUSTOMER: New 39,000sq foot Commercial grocery and furniture store
PROJECT: All electric from ground up including new service, parking lot lights, interior, and display lighting, hookup of refrigeration equipment, coolers, HVAC, kitchen equipment, and data for checkouts.


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Commercial Electrical Service near meMaintenance Electric:

We perform various electric repairs and upgrades including lighting, power distribution, disconnect and hookup of machinery and motors.


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industrial equipment repair near me

Troubleshooting of Commercial and Industrial Machinery:

We troubleshoot and repair all kinds of industrial equipment utilizing various testing instruments, including electrical meter, laptop computer, megger, thermal image camera. Service calls for breakdowns are available 24/7 to get you back up and running as soon as possible.


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Commercial Lighting Repair and Upgrades Rochester, NYLighting Repair & Upgrades:

  • Interior and Exterior
  • Parking lot lights: new pole installation, repair, or upgrade. New lighting or LED upgrades.
  • High-bay warehouse fixture replacement to LED
  • Retrofit existing interior fluorescent fixtures with energy-efficient LED bulbs
  • Replace existing interior or exterior lighting with new LED fixtures
  • Motion detectors, photo-eye activation, dark sky-friendly fixtures are available.
Recent job examples:

CUSTOMER: Industrial Foundry
PROJECT: 300ft x 100ft storage building light conversion: existing high bay fluorescents were taken down and replaced with 30 – new energy efficient LED high bay lights.

CUSTOMER: Municipal Recycling Facility
PROJECT: Florescent light LED retrofit: Existing 4 ft. florescent lights were retrofitted with LED bulbs that do not require a ballast. Old bulbs and ballast were removed and new LED bulbs were direct wired to 120 volts.


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Thermal Imaging for Temperature MonitoringThermal Imaging

Have you heard of Thermal Imaging? It’s been growing in popularity as a tool for industrial facilities!

  • Thermal imaging is the use of an infrared camera to produce an image based on thermal (heat-based) imaging. This can be useful in Industrial and Commercial settings, to look at the temperature of an object and compare the variations in both electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Thermal Image scans are done while equipment is running. There is no need to shut down an entire line.
  • Sloth Electric uses a state-of-the-art Fluke Ti400 Thermal Image camera to perform scans.
  • Thermal imaging will detect hot spots in panels, disconnects, motors and other equipment
  • Facility and panel inspections can troubleshoot issues or find potential problems, identifying weakening components before they fail.
  • Many insurance companies require thermal image scans as a part of an annual inspection of commercial and industrial facilities.
  • We provide a printed and emailed report of findings, including photographs


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Ground Testing Industrial ElectricianGround Testing

  • Stone Quarries: 2 point ground testing on all motors mounted on belts, screen, crushers, and baghouses.  We also perform 10-point ground testing to verify proper ground resistance.
  • Annual inspection and testing of quarry equipment as required by MSHA
  • Available on request for Industrial facilities
  • Ground testing equipment is certified annually


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24-hour Service Calls

  • Machinery breakdowns
  • Power outages
  • Storm damage
  • 4-hour minimum charge for weekend, holiday and after-hours service calls
  • Call 585-526-5797
Recent job examples:

CUSTOMER: Local Beverage Company
PROJECT: Emergency call- Power was lost on a Saturday due to a water main leak inside the building. All breakers had to be removed and replaced and panel interior replaced and dried out. Power was restored in 8 hours, saving valuable inventory from spoiling.

CUSTOMER: Local Produce storage facility
PROJECT: High voltage gate tripped at 2 AM, leaving the plant without power. Sloth Electric used a bucket truck to close the gate and turn the power back on.


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In need of electrical service? We provide commercial and industrial electrical services and emergency electrical repair to companies in the Rochester and Greater Finger Lakes Region. If you are ready to discuss your upcoming project needs please call 585-526-5797 (also for emergency/service calls) or fill out our contact form so we know how to best assist you. We look forward to talking with you.

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