Fiber Optic and Data Cable Installation

Fiber Optic is the way to go when you need speed and reliability. Data cables are used for computers, VOIP phones, and IP camera connections.

Commercial Security Camera Systems

Security Camera Systems are one of the fastest growing areas of our business. Cameras can be used for so many things from keeping you and your customers feeling safe to increasing production in your facility.

Bucket Truck Services

Sloth Electric has a Certified, annually inspected, Insulated 55’ bucket truck. Certified up to 34,500 Volts. It is used on projects such as New Commercial and Industrial Services, High Voltage Lines and Exterior Lighting projects.

Custom Machine Rebuilds

Sloth Electric can bring your old machinery up to date! Modernize wiring and sensors, upgrade to PLC and HMI controls, and meet current OSHA safety specifications.

Automation Controls

Let Sloth Electric show you the possibilities of automation controls. Completely customizable to fit your facility’s needs of increasing productivity and reducing user-related errors.

Commercial & Industrial Electric

Our services have expanded with new technology and the needs of our customers to include: new construction, new electrical services, maintenance electric and troubleshooting, lighting upgrades and more.