Sheppard Grain Enterprises, LLC has used Sloth Electric as their sole electrical contractor for over 20 years. Our business operates 24 hours per day, and the response time to get help from Sloth Electric has always been very short. Never have we had a problem that they have not been able to troubleshoot and get our equipment back up and running in a very short time.

Sloth Electric has been involved in all of our new projects over the years. They have designed many electrical systems that have cut down on labor due to automation, and have always kept the cost of these projects as low as possible.

We had a complete security camera system installed by Sloth Electric, which is working well. The camera system is streamed on the internet, so live images can be seen from anywhere. This has helped on employee productivity, downtime, and theft.

We use Sloth Electric to locate, and purchase most of the electrical components that we need, both for new projects and repairs. Their prices have always been fair, and response time has been excellent.

We will continue using Sloth Electric as our primary electric contractor as we make changes in the future.