Steve Sheppard, Sheppard Grain Enterprises, LLC

Sheppard Grain Enterprises, LLC has used Sloth Electric as their sole electrical contractor for over 20 years. Our business operates 24 hours per day, and the response time to get help from Sloth Electric has always been very short. Never have we had a problem that they have not been able to troubleshoot and get our equipment back up and running in a very short time.

Sloth Electric has been involved in all of our new projects over the years. They have designed many electrical systems that have cut down on labor due to automation, and have always kept the cost of these projects as low as possible.

Chad A. Tucker, Scepter Inc.

As our aluminum recycling company has grown over the past twenty years in Seneca Falls, New York, Sloth Electric has been not only a supplier to us, but we consider them a vital partner. Sloth Electric provides us with the service, support, and knowledge to help us not only compete, but to be leaders in our industry. By helping us minimize downtime and ensuring our controls and processes operate in our challenging heavy industrial environment, Sloth Electric has earned their position on our team. They have been a pleasure to work and I would recommend Sloth Electric to anyone.