Fiber Optic Cable installation: 500’ of Fiber optic cable was pulled through two buildings and a new dust-tight enclosure was built and installed to house fiber optic connections, data switch and battery backup. Once installed, desktop computer was linked to fiber with copper cabling.

Trucking Company

Five camera outdoor camera system: Variable-focal cameras installed to view driveway and large parking area 24/7 from remote offsite location, to monitor tractor trailer arrivals and departures.

Large Dairy Farm

Backup Generator: Size and install 480V/3phase backup generator with transfer switch, to keep farm and milking equipment operational during power outages.

Landfill Facility

Leachate pump systems: Troubleshoot and repair landfill’s leachate pump system when it broke down.

Recycling Facility

New conveyor sorting system: Coordinate with the company supplying conveyors as to specs of job, review prints and plan electrical hook up of new machinery on tight deadline over weekend. Electrical hook up of Motors, conveyors, interlocks, and controls.

Recycling Facility

Outside wall pack lights were replaced with upgraded LED fixtures using Bucket Truck for more light as well as energy savings.

Local Village

Street Light repair and update: Using Bucket Truck, Village street lights were repaired and updated to LED bulbs

Municipal Waste Water Facility

Control Systems update: Rebuild buckets, update motor control system and controls for waste water pumps and equipment.

County Landfill Facility

Emergency High Voltage Gate call: High voltage gate tripped due to a tree branch falling on the lines, knocking out power. Overhead lines were cleared, a new fuse link was installed and gate was closed using Bucket Truck.

Municipal Recycling Facility

Florescent light LED retrofit: Existing 4 ft. florescent lights were retrofitted with LED bulbs that do not require a ballast. Old bulbs and ballast were removed and new LED bulbs were direct wired.