Beverage Producer

Custom clean in place (CIP) system: CIP was designed from the ground up. Existing equipment was upgraded with new PLC’s and Touch Screens to allow greater control of equipment.  Multiple pieces of equipment were networked together.

Beverage Producer

Bottle filler upgrade & customization: PLC, touchscreen and controls were obsolete and non-functioning. Sloth Electric revised control platform and customized filler for customer’s specific use.

Grain Processor

Oil Press equipment upgrade: Existing press equipment was upgraded with new starters, PLC and touch screen control.  Multiple presses were networked together to allow greater control and data collection of the entire process.

Vegetable Processing Plant

Camera System for monitoring: Installation of 4 camera system to view product levels in bins during processing. Flat screen monitors are mounted on the wall so employees can see bin levels without having to climb up.

Electrical Supply Store

Six camera security system: Camera system installed to view all areas inside and outside of the building. Motion activated night vision cameras with activity recorded to an NVR. Activity sends an alert to the customer’s cell phone.

Commercial Grocery and Furniture Store

All electric from the ground up: Project included new service, parking lot lights, interior and display lighting, hookup of refrigeration equipment, coolers, HVAC, kitchen equipment, and data for checkouts.

High-End Cosmetics Production Facility

Production line relocation: Electrically disconnect and reconnect production line that was relocated, including motors, photoeyes, cord drops, conveyors, filling machines, seal and close machines.

Industrial Chemical Processing Plant

Clean Room: Electrical hook up of clean room based on engineered prints.

High End Production Facility

Design and build safety circuits: Upgrade existing production machines to meet current OSHA standards

Industrial Foundry

300ft. x 100ft storage building light conversion: existing high bay fluorescents were taken down and replaced with 30- new energy efficient LED high bay lights.